Montag, März 16

Echtes Radiopiraten-Feeling garantiert...

Auf der ganzen Welt gibt es nur noch zwei Sendeschiffe, wie es die Offshore Radiopiraten schon in den 60ern verwendeten - und eines davon, die LV Jenni Baynton, wird vom 20. Mai bis 6. Juni im holländischen Wattenmeer vor Anker gehen. Radio Seagull und Radio Waddenzee laden zum Besuch ein:

"Yes, we are doing it again! After having challenged history by anchoring a radio ship 8 miles out in the high seas last year, we are going to do it again in 2009 !!!
One of the only two radio ships left in the world, the LV Jenni Baynton, will be anchoring in the Wadden sea off Holland from May 20th till June 6th. Mind you, this is not a private owned ship temporarily fitted out as a radio ship, this is a real genuine radio ship. Radio Seagull (together with her sister station Radio Waddenzee) broadcast on the Medium Wave, 1602 AM. The ship, home of both stations, is usually moored alongside a pier in a small Dutch seaport called Harlingen. Once a year the ship is towed out at sea, manned with DJ’s and engineers and broadcasts using the ship’s transmitter. The land site, from which we usually broadcast, is switched off for the occasion. When the ship is out, you can arrange for a tender visit. How many chances do you think you’ll get to actually visit a transmitting radio ship in your life? This might be the last chance to actually experience the feeling we all know so well from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and a bit of the 90’s!" (


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